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What are the major improvements that we'll see as part of this project?

  • Reconstruct portions of frontage roads.
  • Reconstruct portions of general purpose lanes.
  • Construct one TEXpress (toll managed) lane in each direction.*

*One westbound TEXpress lane on SH 114 from SH 161 to International Parkway.

When will construction start?

Construction began in April 2015.

When will construction finish?

Substantial completion is scheduled for 2018.

Who is the project's owner?

The Texas Department of Transportation is the project’s owner.

Who is the project's contractor?

This project is being constructed by SouthGate Constructors, a joint venture between Fort Worth-based Kiewit Infrastructure South Co. and Dallas-based Austin Bridge & Road.

Who is the project's designer?

Parsons Transportation Group is the lead engineering firm.

What is right of way?

Right of way is land acquired by purchase, gift or eminent domain in order to build and maintain a public road.

How can I get more information about the project?

  • Please visit either of our information storefronts at:
    • 2220 Chemsearch Blvd. Irving, TX 75063 or
    • 7651 Esters Blvd., Suite 150, Irving, TX 75063
  • Call us toll-free at 844-418-3114
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What are TEXpress (toll managed) lanes?

  • Toll Managed Lanes or TEXpress Lanes are unique toll lanes that are built within an existing highway. They add additional capacity to the highway to accommodate more traffic. Unlike other toll roads, the price changes based on the level of traffic in the corridor to maintain a minimum 50 mph speed of travel.
  • These TEXpress lanes are new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and unlike other toll roads in North Texas. It is your choice to drive in the TEXpress lanes and pay the tolls or to drive in the adjacent non-tolled general highway lanes
  • For more information, visit